Getting Started

  1. Download the Mineable app Initially, users must download the Mineable app (for Apple or Android) Download from _____

  2. Create your wallet Once downloaded, users will be invited to log in or create a wallet. If this is the first time using the app, ‘create wallet’ will be selected.

  3. Verify email To create a wallet, the user must input their email address and password, confirm on the next screen and verify by clicking on the unique link sent to the email.

  4. Back up wallet After the email is verified, the user will need to back up their wallet. The app will create a 12-word secret phrase. It must be saved to a password manager or written down and stored in a secure location. If the password is forgotten, the secret phrase will be used to recover the digital wallet.

  5. Set up biometrics Now that the wallet and backup are created, the user can choose to log in to the app using facial recognition or fingerprint.

  6. Transfer funds Users can transfer ETH to their in-app wallet used to purchase virtual GPUs and swap for MNB coin if needed.

  7. Buy NFTs During the platform's initial stage, ETH is used to purchase virtual GPUs from the Mineable marketplace. As users begin to utilize the marketplace, virtual GPUs will be purchasable using MNB from other users.

  8. Start mining As soon as virtual GPUs is bought from the marketplace, the virtual GPU begins mining right away. No other steps are needed from the user.

  9. Scale your mining operation GPUs mine MNB continuously however, they can be enhanced in a number of ways. GPUs can be upgraded in terms of efficiency and durability and by staking MNB, GPUs can be overclocked/boosted to increase a user’s total hash rate. Users can also grow their mining operation by buying multiple GPUs of varying levels.

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