Upgrade System

Virtual GPUs have three main attributes: hash rate, durability and efficiency. Base GPUs start with no durability & efficiency levels and users can level up durability and efficiency by spending MNB. Each upgrade consists of 2 rolls. The first roll determines the multiplier of the upgrade, which is essentially the ‘level’ of upgrade applied. The second roll determines the duration of the upgrade, which is how long the upgrade is applied for. The cost of an upgrade is calculated by taking 2.5% of the $ value paid for the GPU and dividing that figure by the current price of MNB, for the purpose of the example below we use $0.025.

GPU VariantGPU PriceUpgrade Price

50 MH


20 MNB

100 MH


39 MNB

150 MH


57 MNB

200 MH


75 MNB

*A 1% fee will be added to this transaction

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