After the initial launch of Mineable, our mission will be to give our network and token as much utility as possible, which ultimately results in more value. We plan to do this by implementing multiple features further down the road map. One of those features will be the Mineable Launchpad which will enable new and established projects to distribute their own token along with other potential digital assets such as NFTs to the miners on our network. The end result will be a much cheaper targeted exposure than any other marketing platform available, with zero fiat spend required. The process will be as follows. New or existing projects approach us with the objective of gaining initial or continued exposure within the crypto-verse who don't have the readily available liquidity to utilize the normal channels of ‘paid’ marketing. First, we will vet the project internally to make sure that it is genuine, transparent and has true potential. Then we will present the project to our miners and they will vote a simple ‘Yes or No’ after seeing a short description of the project. The majority vote decides if the project is launched on the Mineable Launchpad. If the miners vote ‘Yes’ for the project to be launched on the Mineable Launchpad then an agreement shall be reached between the Mineable team and the Project team to determine how many tokens or assets they would like to distribute over the Mineable network within a specific period of time. For example, let’s say the Project agrees on 1mm coins over a 7-day period. There are 1008 blocks within that 7-day period, each block will carry 992 project coins which will be split using the Mineable share structure. To participate in launchpad distributions, miners will be required to purchase launchpad specific GPU/s. This GPU variant will only be purchasable in exchange for MNB and will be available to purchase before the launchpad system is implemented. These GPUs will grant miners a share of the 'launchpad network' with which distributions of virtual assets / tokens will be calculated using existing network share logic. Our fee structure will be simple in which we will charge a percentage of the coins/assets a project distributes on our network and hold them for a period of time, after which we will offer the coins/assets to our miners in exchange for MNB, making MNB the exclusive currency used to purchase discounted project coins/assets. This MNB will then be burned minus our normal 1% fee resulting in yet another way of dynamically balancing the Mineable economy.

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