Glossary of Terms

  • GPU: Graphics Processing Unit. A graphics processing unit is found in computers and mobile phones and is responsible for graphics. A GPU produces visual elements that can be displayed.

  • MNB coin: Mineable cryptocurrency that can be stored or used to buy, repair, and upgrade GPUs.

  • ETH: ETH is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, a public blockchain platform that provides smart contract functionality.

  • Hash rate: A measuring unit for processing power in crypto mining. The higher the hash rate, the faster the mining.

  • Durability: the durability of a miner (GPU) is determined by the amount of time it takes before needing repair. Durability can be upgraded using MNB.

  • Efficiency: the efficiency of a miner (GPU) is determined by the number of MNB that can be mined. Efficiency can be upgraded using MNB.

  • Overclocking: The process of boosting or speeding up a system. Mining operations can be overclocked by staking MNB to improve GPU hash rates.

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