GPU Combination

GPU combination is a new feature which will allow you to combine your GPUs into a higher level GPU, operating less GPUs results in less maintenance and general work required to continue mining $MNB optimally. Combining GPUs also allows a chance for you to use the law of averages to gain some extra durability and efficiency upgrades. You will be able to combine any GPU if the following criteria are met: GPU must have at least level 1 efficiency and level 1 durability, GPU is not broken, GPU is not listed, GPU is not level 10, GPU is sellable. An example of the system would be combining 10 x 5MH starter GPUs into 1 x 50MH Level 1 GPU. The price of combining GPUs is equal to the cost that would be incurred if upgrading the GPUs individually. For example, if you're combining 10 starter GPUs that would cost 10MNB each to upgrade, the total cost of the combination would be 100MNB. Costs minus our 1% fee are burned. To calculate the upgrade levels for the combined GPU, the average upgrade level for both durability and efficiency will be taken from the lower MH GPUs that were combined and applied to the newly combined GPU. Combination example: (E = efficiency level d = Durability level) Combining: 50MH E2 D4 + 50MH E4 D3 + 50MH E3 D2 + 50MH E1 D0 + 50MH E1 D4 Average E = 2.2 Average D = 2.6 Combination result: 250MH E2 D3 Upgrade durations will be re-rolled, you will have a 99% chance of receiving a temporary durability upgrade and a 1% chance of a permanent durability upgrade. For efficiency duration, the chances of rolling each available duration are as follows: 1 month 80%, 3 months 10%, 6 months 5%, 12 months 4% & permanent 1%.

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