Mining MNB

Users mine MNB with the use of virtual GPUs. Rewards are based on one calculation: GPU hash rate vs total network hash rate. Virtual GPUs will be issued a share of the block rewards based on their total hash rate. For example, if a user has a total hash rate of 100MH and the current network's total hash rate is 1000MH, this would result in a yield of 10% of each block. If a user has a hash rate of 200MH, they will yield 20% of each block. At economy stage 7, block will be mined in 10 minute intervals, the reward for each block is 10,000 MNB. After each block is mined, users will see that their share has been deposited into their in-app spending wallet. The maximum total supply of MNB is 1.5 billion coins. The mineable supply is 1.25 billion coins. Each block reward is 10,000 MNB (Pre deflation) & blocks are mined at a frequency of 10 minutes per block. During our launch, we will dynamically scale the frequency in which blocks are mined relative to the number of GPUs active on the network. This will protect and stabilize the economy whilst allowing it to scale. You may think that as more miners join the network your MNB yield will decrease, however the exact opposite is true. The yield increase from economy stage progression outweighs the yield decrease from network share reduction as new miners join the platform. Put simply, it is in the miners best interest to progress the economy through its stages as quickly as possible to maximise MNB yield. Below are the thresholds for the 7 stages of dynamic block frequency:

*The current stage of the Mineable network will be visible in the app & on the site.

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