Virtual GPUs

There will be 3 base designs for each of the MH variants. GPUs with 50 & 100 MH have one fan, 150 – 400 MH have 2 fans, and 450 & 500 MH have 3 fans.

There are 4 accent designs for durability and 4 accent designs for efficiency. These are added to the 3 base models, depending on the durability level of the GPU. Durability level 1 – Steel accent Durability level 2 – Titanium accent Durability level 3 – Osmium accent Durability level 4 – Iridium accent Efficiency level 1 – Dim aura single color Efficiency level 2 – Brighter aura single color Efficiency level 3 – Brighter aura dual color Efficiency level 4 – Brighter aura tri color Ten GPUs with different hash rates starting from 50 and ending at 500 will be sold at launch. Each GPU will start off with no upgrades to efficiency or durability. Users will be able to purchase initial GPUs with ETH. The number of GPU virtual GPUs will be capped at 105,000. When needed, batches of 10,000 GPUs will be released to prevent ‘flooding’ the market.

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