Mineable Marketplace

During the early stages of the platform, users will purchase GPUs from the Mineable marketplace. GPUs have a dollar value assigned based on their hash rate and can be purchased using the equivalent value in ETH. The proceeds raised from this initial virtual GPU sale will be allocated to further platform development, marketing campaigns, to provide liquidity and aid with potential future MNB buyback and burn events. Multiple GPUs can be purchased to increase a user’s total hash rate and to enable continuous mining when other GPUs need repairing. Users have more opportunities to earn by purchasing a base-level GPU and trying to upgrade it in the hopes of unlocking some high-level high-timeframe upgrades which they can sell on the marketplace for a profit. Once users purchase base-level GPUs, they will be able to upgrade the durability and efficiency, resulting in lower power costs & repair frequency. The upgrade system will be covered in depth later in this document.

Cost $GPU hash rateTotal GPUs

$2 (Sold Out)







100 MH



150 MH



200 MH



250 MH



300 MH



350 MH



400 MH



450 MH



500 MH


Each GPU will start its life with no upgrades to efficiency or durability attributes, however if a temporary period of increased MNB burn is required a limited selection of fully upgraded GPUs might be placed on the Mineable Marketplace. These GPUs will be purchasable using MNB that will then be burned. The price of these GPUs will be roughly 25% of the maximum MNB that would be required to manually fully upgrade the GPU.

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